Paige Alyssa


Who Is Paige Alyssa?


Pop singer, songwriter, musician and producer, Paige Alyssa has already devoted most of her life to the music industry. Born and raised in St. Louis, Paige Alyssa has always shared a special relationship with music. Being the daughter of a music minister, she began her musical training in the church where she was first exposed to the art. At the age of nine, she began to perform as a percussionist in church.

Taking inspiration from her gospel roots, Paige Alyssa made the decision at 17 to attend Webster University to pursue a music degree in vocal performance. She was part of Webster University’s Jazz Singers and has been noted for her training in the genre in the St. Louis area.

Although the entertainer is inspirited by gospel and jazz, popular music has always been a passion of hers. With her debut EP, ‘The Wait is Over,’ she entered into the next chapter of her musical journey with pop. On December 9, 2014, ‘The Wait is Over’ was released; showcasing her versatility as a contemporary pop vocalist with four original songs. The lead single, “Amen” quickly became a huge success among her social following, landing her a performance on the Fox 2 Morning Show.

Following the release of ‘The Wait is Over,’ In May 2015, the singer graduated from Webster University with her Bachelor of Arts IN MUSIC and received Departmental Honors for her academic performance. Quickly after graduation, the musician used her jazz training and pop music expertise to create a second EP, ‘Songs For Myself,’ to address countless battles she harbored that year.

‘Songs For Myself,’ released on February 29, 2016, was the first record the musician produced on her own shortly after the single “Fall In.” This was an intimate project for the artist - for the first time in her music, she came out as an openly queer artist on her second record. The lead single, “Lost Your Love” speaks openly about her experiences with queer relationships that she dealt with in college. Pulling sounds from 80’s pop music, the song quickly became a huge success among her growing fan base.

Entering a new era, Paige Alyssa continuously challenges the norms of popular music and its current state. The eclectic influences she’s derived from her training, can be heard in “Worth It” and “The Plug” which cultivated much buzz before the release of her debut LP, ‘Who Is Paige Alyssa?’ 

While she engages followers with grand production, she soothes them with lyrics laced in lush harmonies and relatable truths. With many seeds planted in St. Louis, Paige Alyssa looks to sow her talent in Los Angeles’s backyard. With a few years in the game, and entering a new era, she continuously looks for new ways to challenge the norms of popular music and its current state. Alyssa’s respect for the musical lineage, restless momentum, and many facets of her musicianship ensures she has nowhere to go but up.